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On this sites you can find wide variety of components for serial data communication.
We are presenting data serial interfaces - RS232, RS422, RS485, repeaters RS485 and RS422, isolators RS232, serial interfaces to USB, Ethernet, Fiber Optic multimode and single mode, radio modem 433MHz and 2.4GHz (WiFi), GPRS, current loop 0-20mA and ±20mA, datalogger , etc.

Besides development and manufacture of data serial interfaces which is the basic activity of our company, we offer a number of accessories for use in serial data communications.

The second area of our products are special applications - hardware and software design, microprocessor-based control systems and communication.

We believe that your systems equipped with our data serial interfaces will create a trouble-free combination in all your applications, and we are looking forward to work with you.

ComErgon Ltd.,  Cachticka 23,  831 06 Bratislava,  Slovak Republic
Phone: +421-950 535 250


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